About The Harbour

The Port of Belfast can trace its origins back to 1613 and emerged as the most important port in Ulster in the early eighteenth century. Since its formation, the Belfast Harbour Commissioners have developed and improved the Port, reclaiming land to accommodate new quays, new trades and changes in shipping and cargo handling technology giving us the efficient, modern facility that we have today.

Established in 1847, Belfast Harbour is Northern Ireland’s largest port handling 60% of the region’s seaborne trade. This includes 80% of Northern Ireland’s oil and petroleum imports and 1.3 million ferry passengers each year.

Belfast Harbour is the largest cruise port in Northern Ireland with over 110,000 visitors each year. The Harbour Estate covers an area of 2,000 acres, representing 20% of the Belfast city area.

The Harbour has the longest deepwater quay in Ireland at 1 kilometre in length with a draught of 10.2 metres.