• Titanic Slipways

  • Nomadic Belfast

  • Titanic Dock & Pump-house

  • Titanic Belfast

Titanic Trail


Discover the true story of Titanic, in the city where she was designed, built and launched.


  • Visit the refurbished Nomadic Belfast, tender ship to the Titanic and last surviving vessel of the White Star Line
  • Follow in the historic footsteps of Titanic and take a guided tour of the Titanic’s Dock and Pump House


  • Enjoy a self-guided tour of Titanic Belfast, Belfast’s most popular attraction
  • Take a Titanic Boat Tour, showing a unique perspective of the changing face of Belfast's historic harbour which built well over 10,000 ships in its history.
  • Stop off at Rayanne Country House and sample the Titanic Menu, which is a recreation of the last menu served in the first class restaurant on board the iconic ship.
These sample itineraries are only intended to provide a flavour of our
exciting city; however they are by no means the only attractions
available to delight your clients' visit.

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